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Membership Plans & Access to GenAI Courses

We’re more than just a community, we’re a movement! Women Defining AI (WDAI) is a space that’s built for us, by us. Through community events, collaborations like our perspective papers, and community-led projects to get hands-on experience, we learn together.

Membership also gets you access to our GenAI Courses! After signing up for membership, you will receive your invite into our Slack community where you can then access information on our courses. 

So, if you’re a non-technical woman or non-binary individual looking to demystify AI with others and also help define a movement, join us today. Email us directly if you want to participate but require financial support to join (we aim to make scholarships available as we can!)
  • Monthly Community Membership

    Every month
    All access pass to our community, resources, and learning!
    • Exclusive access to our slack community & network
    • Lunch & Learns, mini study groups, and Real Talk series
    • Free Women Defining AI courses
    • First access to our Community Perspective Papers
    • Opportunities to collaborate on these reports
  • Annual Community Membership

    Every year
    All the amazing benefits as our Monthly Community Membership but at a $20 discount from $120!
    • Access to all resources outlined in the Community Membership
  • Support the community

    Every year
    The "I can expense it" tier! Pay it forward & enable scholarships for others!
    • Access to all resources outlined in the Community Membership
    • Lots of Appreciation spread in the community 💜
And if you believe in this mission and want to find ways to partner, support, or sponsor our work, email us at or check out the Sponsor Option in our website menu above. We love hearing from mission-aligned organizations & have tons of ideas where you can help us drive increased impact!
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